A World In A Garden

by Marina Duffell, 3 September 2012
©2012 Marina Duffell Luckier than many, we have a small "extension" which does as it says; it ‘extends’ into our small garden, providing an all round view of about 250 degrees.

Unable to go very far from home, we spend a lot of time in our extension which we call our Garden Room.  It also provides an excellent escape from the vagaries of the English weather.

Since about 90% of the garden is in containers, I am able to present an ever-changing panorama of flowers, shrubs and trees to be viewed from the comfort of the ‘Garden Room’.

©2012 Marina Duffell
Double doors which can remain open most of the time invite the scents and sounds of the garden in addition to the sight of a rainbow of surrounding colour.  I say ‘rainbow’, as I have a consuming desire to separate and merge colours (quirky, I know!) It doesn’t always work - a red poppy always creeps into wrong bed.  My rough semi-circle of ‘beds’ go from red-orange-yellow to blue-purple-white veering to mauve and shades of pink.  Green is of course obligatory, and I do cheat a bit.

Although my sense of smell is almost non-existent nowadays, I always have a pot of lavender standing by the open doors.

©2012 Marina Duffell
The sound of birdsong is yet another gift from the garden.  Their fluttering, feeding and tweeting are a constant delight.  They make the garden come alive.  Strategically placed feeders give an all-round view of chattering sparrows, friendly robins, rowdy blackbirds and a parade of the most delicate and pretty tits of all kinds.  A sporadic, noisy invasion from a mob of long-tailed tits is something to look forward to, punctuated by the lazy, graceful sweep of gulls high on the thermals, white against the sky.  The comedy, tragedy and light opera played out in our garden more than compensates for any lack of entertainment and travel outside.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.