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Plant Sales

The Black Pear Gardening Club are pleased to accept plants from members for sale at our monthly meetings and at designated plant sales. Gifts of plants to be sold solely for the benefit of the club will be gratefully received, otherwise plants are accepted for sale on the following basis:

Proceeds to
Proceeds to
Over £2.00 per plant 25% 75%
Under £2.00 per plant 15% 85%


The Committee would be grateful if you would abide by the following guidelines when offering plants for sale.   The "stall operator" will be a designated member of the club.
  1. Plant sales will be held at club meetings at Village Hall venues, but will not take place at meetings arranged as visits to gardens or garden centres etc unless notified as a Plant Sale. Meetings held at member’s homes/gardens may include a plant sale stall and this will be notified prior to these visits.
  2. Plants offered for sale must be of good quality, well rooted and in garden pots (plastic or pottery) or black bag pots specifically designed as plant containers.  Please do not bring plants in used food containers, etc.   Bare-rooted plants should be in see-through plastic bags.
  3. All plants for sale must be labelled with their name, preferably both their Latin plant name and more common English name.
  4. Plants offered for sale must be double-labelled using stick-type plastic labels, one label should have the seller’s name, telephone number and the price; the other label should have the plant name and price.   Please use a waterproof marker to write on the labels.

    The label with name, telephone number and price will be used by the stall operator to keep a record of the monies due to the seller.   Gifts of plants should be labelled only with the plant name and price.   The price of plants may be increased or decreased at the stall operator’s discretion.
  5. Where possible, monies will be paid to plant sellers after each show; however, if the numbers of plants sold is too great to calculate the amount due to the seller within a reasonable time after the sale, settlement will be at the next meeting
  6. All unsold plants must be collected by their seller/donor at the end of each sale.   Any plants uncollected at the end of the sale will be disposed of at the discretion of the club.

Please help us to gain a reputation for good quality plants sold at reasonable prices!