November 2016

Following another very successful year, we held the fifth AGM of the Black Pear Gardening Club on Saturday 19th November 2016 at Powick Village Hall. During the year we had about 100 members and many of them attended the AGM so the committee felt well supported. Our Chairman, Brian Skeys organised the first part of the meeting, the AGM, following the formal agenda. The Treasurer reported a very healthy balance. We had two members who were willing to join the Committee. The other committee members agreed to stand again and were voted for en-bloc. The Chair thanked the committee for their hard work and the Committee responded by thanking Brian whose enthusiasm and expertise has enabled the Club to flourish. Our website shows photographs illustrating the Chair’s report covering the talks given and the gardens visited over the year.

After refreshments, including mince pies, we settled down to listen to our speaker give his talk titled “The garden in winter and topical tips with Bob Hare”

Bob trained at RHS Wisley, worked as a horticulturalist and lectured at Pershore College, where he discovered several new plants. Now retired, he is an RHS advisor. Many of us have heard Bob speak before and some of us have been his students in the past. His talk was as fascinating as expected as his knowledge and advice is based on many years of research and practical experience as well as an appreciation of how practice has changed over the years. Bob took us through jobs we should be doing in our gardens at this time of year as well as demonstrating skills for propagating new plants such as taking cuttings, growing lily bulb scales and collecting seeds from berries. He then showed us lovely examples of plants that look particularly good at this time of year and offered suggestions for propagating from this plant material where suitable. Bob let people take away bits of these plants for cuttings and berries for planting. In my own garden I have plants that I grew from plant material provided by Bob when he was a tutor at Pershore a few years ago. He finished his excellent talk by answering questions from the audience.

Lorna Winstone