January 2017

Our first meeting of 2017 on 21st January began with our chairman Brian Skeys inviting David Eastwood to tell us the latest news in relation to the Faye Turner Memorial Garden at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital. Some time ago he and his wife, Cynthia, became involved in renovating and caring for the garden and our club members supported them with the restoration. He showed us photographs of the lovely garden from last summer and explained how the toolbox and the tools that we had donated had made care of the garden easier. Hopefully we will be able to continue supporting this very worthwhile project in the future

Our main speaker for this meeting was Jonathan Briggs, a national mistletoe expert with over 30 years research experience of this plant. His beautifully illustrated talk ‘ Mistletoe Miscellany’ was well suited to this time of year as this is when mistletoe seeds should be planted. His very informative presentation covered the topic comprehensively, both in breadth and depth. He began by describing structure and development of mistletoe plants, and their distribution across the British Isles and further afield. As we live in the Three Counties, we are in the area of highest distribution of mistletoe and Jonathan explored the research that had been carried out, to help explain why this is so and maybe how it might change in the future. He explained how mistletoe planted by birds, germinates and grows, using photographs from his own garden. There was something for everyone in his presentation as he covered all aspects of the story of mistletoe through history and art as well as medicinal uses. I think we all came away from his talk realising that “ mistletoe is not just for Christmas!” .

The presentation for our next meeting is titled “ Tool Sharpening for the Terrified” by Will Scott and is on Saturday 11th February, 2.30 pm at Powick Parish Hall.

Lorna Winstone