February 2017

The presentation at our meeting on Saturday 11th February at Powick Parish Hall was titled "Tool Sharpening for the Terrified" by Will Scott. Will and Julia have restored and developed their Walled Garden in Rose Terrace, Worcester over the last 20 years.

Will started his lively and amusing talk by explaining how he had plenty of practice in sharpening woodworking tools and kitchen knives in his youth. He gave an overview of the history of tool sharpening and plenty of us in the room could remember when there would be a man on a bike, who appeared at regular intervals during the year, sharpening tools, scissors and knives in the street. Will demonstrated and explained how we could sharpen our own gardening and household items safely and effectively.

Club members had been invited to bring gardening tools that needed sharpening, for Will to use in his practical demonstrations. His first piece of advice was to keep tools clean and oiled and to clean them well before beginning the process of sharpening them. His detailed instructions were very helpful and should encourage us to clean and sharpen our own garden tools regularly.

The presentation for our next meeting is titled " North American Plants in our Gardens" by Dr Keith Ferguson and is on Saturday 18th March, 2.30 pm at Powick Parish Hall. Many of our garden plants originate from North American wild flowers, shrubs and trees. These plants will be discussed in relation to their native habitats and their cultivation in British gardens.
Lorna Winstone