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A Colour Revolution

by Marina Duffell, 23 February 2012
cuckoo bees on echinops ©2011 Douglas Gregor Somehow I missed parts 1 and 2 of "Bees, Butterflies and Blooms" with Sarah Raven on BBC2. However, I did see Part 3 last night. I started to view the programme with a certain amount of scepticism. I wonder if other viewers ended up convinced, as I was, what a brilliant idea it is to cover all the wasted areas and boring grass spaces all over the country with meadows of flowers that attract "the pollinators"?

geranium ©2008 Douglas Gregor
At first I thought Sarah Raven was a bit crazy, but following the programme through to the end I changed my mind. If Birmingham, Liverpool, Sheffield and even the Olympic Games organizers could be persuaded to experiment, why not the rest of the country? Especially in these cash-strapped times.

small white ©2010 Douglas GregorIf it is indeed a fact that the cost of preparing public areas and planting perennial seed can save money over the high cost of maintaining grassed areas, I would have thought that even the most dyed-in-the-wool local councils should be convinced. The added benefit of preserving the insects vital to the future of all our flowers and crops would be an added bonus.

A constant geranium and begonia fan, I have already sent off for my first packet of meadow flower seed for a small, hitherto useless bed next to the pavement in my front garden. It could start a trend - especially in red, white and blue for Jubilee year.

All joking apart, we could start a colour revolution and, as a notable garden association, we could be in the forefront spreading the word!
wild flower planting at Wisley ©2011 Marina Duffell
wild flower planting at Wisley ©2011 Marina Duffell
Wild flower planting at Wisley.