Visit To Meadow Farm
20 July 2019

There is only one word to describe Meadow Farm Garden at this time of year- Stunning!

Members of the BPGC visited on July 20th and were given a warm welcome by Rob and Diane Cole and the opportunity to tour the beautifully planted and maintained garden they have created over the last 20years.

Rob and Diane began their horticultural journey in the West Midlands, progressing through allotment keeping, a small nursery and finally setttling into a more rural lifestyle on the outskirts of Feckenham.

The 1acre garden has sweeping curved beds featuring mostly perennials, defined by serpentine wide grass pathways ( very green with stripes!). The display of colour was breathtaking- oh that our gardens looked so good!

To the front of the house a wildlife meadow has been created- grasses, knapweed and egg and bacon plant flowered profusely attracting many species of butterflies, hoverflies and bees.

Very welcome drinks and cake were provided- homemade by Diane who also provides recipe sheets for a small charitable donation.

The facilities at Meadow Farm are excellent for group visits and the plant nursery offered well grown, healthy plants for sale, however the nursery is being scaled down due to Rob and Dianes plans for retirement.

Please note the garden and nursery are not open to the public but are available for group visits- further information can be found on the Meadow Farm website.

Many thanks for a lovely visit- and good luck with the retirement!

Mary Gleaves
Amazing Slider